Acne no more by Mike Walden – Acne helps

Acne No More ReviewAlthough a regular routine care products formulated to combat acne with Acne no more torrent by Mike Walden

Acne helps keep under control the crisis occasional treatment with hydrogen peroxide found in the medicine cabinet may obtain help in controlling acne.


Doctors tell this way – The hydrogen peroxide you buy in stores is a weak solution, diluted. A bottle of over the counter, medicine hydrogen peroxide is approximately 97 percent water and 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Higher concentrated hydrogen peroxide can irritate the skin. Its main use is as an antiseptic for cuts and as a bleaching agent for hair.


Consumers who use products for acne skin are already familiar with a form of peroxide, known as benzyl peroxide. Benzyl peroxide is derived by treatment with benzyl chloride hydrogen peroxide.


When used to treat acne skin, hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria on the skin surface causing the infection. Read my Story

These infections are what causes raised bumps we call pimples. Hydrogen peroxide is also rich in oxygen.

Oxygen enters deeply into the pores of the skin and creates an environment that bacteria cannot live. Finally, hydrogen peroxide has a drying effect on the skin surface. As the top layer of dry, dead skin sloughs carrying bacteria and dirt that clogs pores with him with Acne no more product by Mike Walden.


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