Traditions around male sexuality

The most widespread belief among participants in the study was that “they must know how to satisfy a woman” (77%), followed closely by praying that “men always want sex” and are always willing to have sex (73 %). Other myths were that “intercourse is the main purpose of a sexual encounter” (70%) or “erection is always a sign of sexual excitement” (65%). More than half of respondents said that “the key to good sex is a large penis” and that “the larger the size, the more excited is women.

Mike Walden Reviews – Most also felt that a sexual relationship “is only good if both partners come to orgasm”, and that “when the components of the couple love each other, know how to give pleasure to the other”. Finally, surprisingly, 55% of respondents said that “women are responsible for sexual dysfunction” in man, so that no treatment or medical help are effective against it. On the other hand, less popular posts were that “man or woman cannot refuse to have sex” and that “the oral sex is dirty”

Curiously, almost 70% of the participants admitted that the information on which it relied to answer the questions came from tips and conversations with friends followed by 16% of participants whose main source of information was the pornographic erotica. Only 13% said they relied on materials from magazines and television, and only 2% got their sexual knowledge from their parents. Visit here for homepage

Finally, the male G-spot is another taboo topic. In recent years it has been discovered and proven that man has a point G, extreme sensitivity, and that, if stimulated, can trigger orgasms. It is, without going any further, of the prostate, a small gland in the reproductive system as nutty involved in sperm production.


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