How to recognize if it is a minor burn and can be cured at home

In case of mild burning, the first thing is to cool the wound with water at room temperature for several minutes; most household accidents which occur are mild burns, especially scalds.

Mike Walden Reviews – But how do you recognize if a minor burn and can be cured at home? According to experts “difficult to define ‘mild’, since many factors influence, in addition to the wound itself; Not the same injury in an adult that a child or elder or if you have a disease, for example: a burn in a person with diabetes can never be seen as trivial “materialize.

As a practical matter, could be defined as mild “any sunburn, as long as there is no fever, or any deeper, but does not have an area larger than that cover a palm, and that was not located in special areas such as the face, joints, genitals or hands “, specify these experts.

First aid for a burn

In case of mild sunburn, the first thing these specialists advice is to cool the injury, with water at room temperature for several minutes. If it is caused by sun exposure, with the application of moisturizer on demand will be sufficient. If it is appreciated that shows some of the skin layer, a dressing is applied. Visit here

The remaining days until complete healing, we must preserve the wound clean with soap and water and keep covering it with the lowest possible manipulations; very importantly, clarifies ‘is to keep the affected area at rest. The pain associated with these measures is controlled with analgesics counter. But if that was not enough, it is advisable to see a doctor.


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