Communication between Doctor and Patient

Good communication between patient and professional confidence facilitates prolonging treatment compliance.

Mike Walden Reviews – When professional clarifies that the patient has doubts about your diagnosis or treatment, establishing a close relationship of trust between both parties and establishes a climate of comfort”. Highlights that the relationship between health professionals and patients has changed in recent years as a result of a progressive modernization of hospitals and healthcare services;

The classic greetings and questions about health status often are limited to simple “please you here”, “do this” and “we will let you know” or “request time for a return visit.” In many cases, the patient undergoes this technique for the first time, is nervous or even frightened by the mere fact that he is expected to do well know something never before done.


The improvement of this communicative relationship between health professionals and patients may sometimes reduce the failure of the first and the feeling of fear of the past, while ensuring a climate of confidence that effective compliance prolong therapeutic prescription. Explains that the patient should always rely on the generation advances, since it is assumed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease; Visit here for homepage

In theory, the clinician is required to explain its operation to the patient-as is the seller of an appliance with the customer who is concerned with your purchase, but the emotional gymnastics expert admits that in practice is not always well “sometimes is hoped that the machinery is the great salvation by the fact explanations and time saving by getting the patient to passively surrender to it.” Knowing manage emotions creates closeness, insisted, and a closer relationship with who we face.


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