Acne No More Review – When you first met with acne?

When you first met with acne? “My first encounter with acne arrived at puberty. But this was just a mild form, which soon subsided. In the second year of high school but me unpleasantly surprised painful subcutaneous rash. One I managed to exterminate, and has appeared second.

Acne eBook – Gradually there were more and more. Ordinary cosmetics, available at drugstores and intended for it, takes up, and because even for cosmetic treatments have not helped, there was the visit to the dermatologist.

Once on my skin had almost no influence or prescribe it and pharmacies earning preparations, she asked me if I have some inflammation in the body. The results of blood or examination by a dentist are negative. Thus, I was worried about two years, and I masked AKNECOLOR rash. I must admit that I was out of my skin condition was complex. ”

As these complexes exhibited? “She was hiding I was closed to each other. At school with me went down with water – about relationships with boys are not talking. I fell depressed, I was unhappy with the fact that they never get rid of acne, and even if so, my skin will remain damaged, whereas left a consecutive red speckles. Mike Walden =>

Struggle with acne, however, you finally fought – What happened? “After two years of misery occurred at my health problems of another kind – problems with the thyroid gland.


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