Acne No More Review – Treating oily skin should begin with diagnosis

All skin problems, affecting significantly the appearance of the person, his psychological state, and therefore the quality of life. Treating oily skin should begin with diagnosis of the organism, and not just use cosmetics that are struggling just with the investigation of the disease, but do not eliminate the cause.

Mike Walden Acne No More – Therefore, very often search for “magic” tools for problem skin; it becomes a waste of time and money, as no identified cause. With proper diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, skin problems persist, and the patients get rid of acne forever. Many disorders and diseases of the internal organs lead to a deterioration of the skin.

Therefore, it is important to get advice not only Dermatology – cosmetologist, but also professionals such as physician, endocrinologist, gynecologist. In cosmetology, problem skin is defined as skin that has any violations and deviations from healthy.

Most often, the problem is oily, seborrheic skin prone to inflammation and rashes. Although the problem can be considered and reject the other way, for example, are too sensitive or dry skin, sensitive to any impact (cosmetics, sun, water, food, etc.)

The main reasons for the deterioration of the skin are: Acne No More

• Malfunction of the digestive system, liver and intestines;

• Parasites infecting organism;

• Bad habits: smoking, alcohol abuse;

• Medications, especially overweight;

• Hormonal disorders:

• Malfunction of the nervous system, insomnia;

• Stress, emotional states

• Environmental factor;

• Hereditary predisposition.

• Decreased immunity;

• Vitamin deficiency, etc.


5 thoughts on “Acne No More Review – Treating oily skin should begin with diagnosis

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