Acne No More Review – Use vitamin E in masks and creams for the face

Avoid daily usage of those products that contain Vitamin E. These include green vegetables, parsley, dill, lettuce, almonds and pecans, beans, artichokes, fresh apples and berries, as well as vegetable oil.

Mike Walden Acne No More – Apply vitamin E oil on the scars of point 2-3 times a day (procedure requires caution! Sometimes oil vitamins cause a relapse in the form of new comedones and acne);

Sandalwood powder and rose water – Sandalwood powder has the property to increase metabolism, improves blood circulation and promotes skin regeneration. Mix some sandalwood powder with rose water to make a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the area with a thick layer of scar. Wash it off after an hour, can be left on all night! Treatment should be repeated to obtain positive results.

(Sandalwood powder is available in American stores)

Aloe vera gel and juice – Aloe has a moisturizing, protective, regenerative and powerful stimulant properties, is a natural antioxidant. Aloe Vera is widely used in various skin problems – acne, cuts, inflammation, and for getting rid of scars, irregularities and other defects of the skin. Good results are obtained with juice or aloe gel on their own area of ​​scars, as well as adding a mask and natural creams to smooth, rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin;


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